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Michael Scott Worobec

Founder, Managing Director of MSW Studio Design

Concept Imagineer
Landscape Designer

Michael Worobec is dedicated to providing creative, innovative and functional solutions to clients searching for imaginative life-enriching environmental experiences.

Based on years of experience as a conceptual artist and creative designer working with entertainment, landscape and architectural place makers, Michael strives to transform ordinary places into enjoyable, vivid and meaningful experiences.

Employing an effective method of idea generation coupled with freehand sketch and visualization techniques, Michael provides a catalyst to other professionals and clients leading to the rapid focused development of visual possibilities for projects.

I invite you to view my portfolio of projects exhibiting the sights, sounds and storylines of a few representative projects – ranging from a toy store’s day-dreaming robot to townscapes for a revitalized Old World industrial center.

Please click here for my resume (PDF format) listing Executive Profile, Professional Experience and Accomplishments.


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